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Log Cart
Model LC-R08

Carry firewood from the woodpile to the house in fewer trips! 

The Mid West Products Log Cart reduces the risk of falling on icy sidewalks with an armful of wood.

Be prepared for those winter storms!  The Mid West Products Log Cart will haul approximately six to eight armloads in one trip.  You'll spend more time enjoying the warmth of the fire and less time trudging out for more wood.  Makes an excellent chainsaw accessory.  You'll be amazed at what the Mid West Products Log Caddy can do for you!  It can be used year-round for all types of hauling jobs.  Transport garbage cans to the street, haul bales of peat moss to the garden, even wheel bags of groceries from the car directly into the kitchen using a simple box.


* Construction:   Steel Axle with 10 - Pneumatic Tires
* Chainsaw and Fireplace Accessory
* For Easier Handling of Firewood
* Sturdy enough to haul Firewood and Trash Cans
* Hold Loads up to 200 Pounds.
* Designed to Fit through Doorways
* Easy to Handle on Stairs
* Overall Dim:  21" L x 21" W x 41" H
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