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High-Wheel Cultivator
Model HWC-243A


Plus the simple fact, it's the hottest selling gardening tool in a decade! Quality designed to meet the overwhelming demand from do-it­-yourself, back-to-the-land, energy and ecology conscience consumers!

Built with Powder Coated Steel for Durability and Adjustable Handles for Comfort.  Cultivate, Furrow, Plow, Weed and Form Hills with 3 Interchangeable Attachments.  Helps Reduce the Time Required to Maintain a Healthy Garden.  Also, it virtually eliminates the backaches caused from bending over a hoe.


  • Handle Height Adjustment Holes.
  • Angle Entry Adjustment Holes.
  • 24” Steel Wheel for Easy Handling.
  • Over-the-Axle Wheel Design Reduces Handle Load and Increases Stability.
  • Special Selection of 3 Tools (Mole-Board Plow, Reversible Shovel, Welded Five-Tine Cultivator).
  • Slotted Foot for Plow Attachments Enables Easy Adjustment of Cutting Depth and Angle of Attack.
  • Handle Folds Easily for Storage and Transportation.
  • Overall Dim:  56” L x 20” W x 42” H

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