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40" Trailing Dethatcher
Model HDR-40

Help that Yard Grow Fuller! 

Our 40” Tow-Behind Dethacher helps Keep the Yard Healthy.  The Perfect Implement to use on Medium to Large size lots.  Recommended for the Lawn Connoisseur . . . who is Serious about keeping their Lawn “Thatch-Free”.  Regular Dethatching will Allow your Lawn to Breathe.  With its Individually Flexing Tine Tips that are 3/16” Diameter with Triple Coil Strength and Heavy Gauge Steel Chassis, this unit is Made for Dependable Service.  It also utilizes a Pin Type Adjustable Hitch for Various Rider Heights.

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  • Heavy Gauge Steel Chassis
  • Wide 40” Working Width Dethatcher with 8” Transport Wheels
  • Individually Flexing Tine Tips; 3/16” Diameter with Triple Coil Strength
  • Adjustable Hitch for Various Rider Heights
  • Overall Dim:  49” L x 43” W x 12” H

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