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Vegetable Garden Row Seed Planter
Model GSF-31M

True ALL-IN-ONE item

This Planter can simultaneously plant and fertilize seeds as well as mark rows.  Simply ease through the 7 planting steps in one smooth operation!  A single pass along each row, and you have done it all. 

The All-in-One Garden Seed Row Planter:

  • Opens the soil!
  • Plants the seed, fertilizes it, covers it, and marks the next row . . . simultaneously!
  • The adjustable depth shovel permits planting at each variety’s ideal ground depth.

  • Both wheels are CONCAVE AND CLEATED, which means the front wheel will break the clots of dirt and the back wheel with mold a mound over the seed as well as cleat it for proper drainage.
  • A chain is not used since it will pull the seeds back out of the ground.

The many Advanced Features on this popular Seed-Saving Garden Tool include a 7.5-pound Fertilizer Hopper, with a flow control for fertilizer densities of 1 pound, 2 pounds, or 3 pounds for every 100 feet.  This is the ONLY vegetable seeder that comes complete with the fertilizer application.  A time saver – no need to make another trip around the garden to fertilize your plantings.  As the seeds are sowed, a side dressing of fertilizer is dispensed in one simple, easy motion . . . . without bending or stooping.

There is no need to purchase anything separate for this product, except the seed and fertilizer.


  • ALL-IN-ONE item that can simultaneously Plant and Fertilize Seeds as well as Mark Rows.
  • 2 Side-By-Side Hoppers Permits Simultaneous Planting and Fertilizing
  • High Strength Powder Coated Steel Frame and Seed Tube.
  • Hopper Holds 7.5 Lbs. of Fertilizer
  • The unit is Rear-Wheel Belt Driven for Positive, Even Seeding and No Messy Chain to pull the seeds out of the ground.
  • Includes 6 Different Seed Plates for 31 Common Variations in Seed Sizes
  • Adjustable Depth Shovel permits planting at each variety’s ideal ground depth.
  • Both wheels are CONCAVE AND CLEATED
  • Attached Pouch for extra seed, notes, gloves, and other needed items.
  • It only weighs 14 lbs. and NO TOOLS are REQUIRED for assembly.
  • Overall Dim:  30” L x 15” W x 41 ˝” H
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