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31" Deluxe Push Lawn Sweeper
Model B-319

Why should you consider this product?

Mid West Products Lawn Sweepers take the drudgery out of yard work . . . Sweepers make raking obsolete!  This lawn sweeper makes outside work a lot easier and much less time consuming.

In the Spring, all the Debris that Accumulates over the Winter can be Removed in Short Order.  Stones, Dead Grass, Twigs, Sticks, Paper, Leaves . . . and in one-tenth the time required for raking. 

Summer uses include sweeping up grass clippings and weed seeds . . . Sweep before mowing to remove bones and other objects harmful to your mower, and nearby people and pets as well — and to straighten the grass blades for clean, even mowing — you’ll have a healthier, better looking lawn.

In the Fall, the Mid West Products Lawn Sweeper . . . Sweeps Leaves in a Fraction of the Time needed for raking . . . (and it does a better job!) . . . Giving you lawn that ‘company’s coming’ look!

Use your Mid West Products Lawn Sweeper the Year Round to Clean Patios, Driveways and Sidewalks . . . even Whisk Away Light Snows in Midwinter!

Yes, There is a Reason Every Season for a Mid West Products Lawn Sweeper!

Now you can Enjoy the beauty of a Well-Groomed Lawn without suffering the Time-Draining Drudgery of Raking the Lawn.  Introduce yourself to all the Advantages that this Rugged Sweeper Offers both You and Your Lawn.  With its Large Capacity or by Adding a Baler for Additional Capacity!  You’ll be Saving so Much Time and Energy that you’ll Feel Like you Moved from the Stone Age into the Space Age — in One Jump!

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• Only 4 Bolts to Assemble!
• Made From High-Strength Steel Tube and Durable Steel Brush Shield.
• Rust-Resistant Baked on Black Powder Coat.
• The Butterfly Handles Increase the Hamper Capacity to a Huge 8.1 Bushel.
• 10" Precision Molded Plastic Wheels with Ribbed Tread Rubber Tire.
• Rear Swivel Casters for Easier Maneuvering.
One-Hand "Squeeze Me" Height Adjustment.
• Removable Hamper for Easy Dumping.
• Fold Away Storage.

• Optional Baler for Increased Capacity.
• Overall Dim:  36” L x 36” W x 42” H

Increase Hamper Capacity with the 31" Baler (1K-1957) for this model.

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